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If you play an impact sport, your teeth are at risk. The best way to protect your teeth from injury during sports is with a custom made mouthguard. Custom made mouthguards from a dentist are specially made from high quality materials to suit your individual teeth, mouth and gums. While there are plenty of over-the-counter options out there, they’re generally ill-fitting and can actually cause more problems than they solve.

Due to new and current technology here at Lexington Dental, there is no need for the terrible mouthguard moulds or impressions, we simply scan your teeth with an intraoral scanner which is not only more comfortable, less messy, but more accurate!

Bite Splints

If you grind your teeth during your sleep, your dentist may recommend a dental splint to help protect your teeth. These custom made splints are designed to be worn during your sleep. They work by providing a barrier between your teeth, which ultimately reduces the capacity to overwork your jaw muscles, reduce pressure on the joint and prevent further wearing and shortening of teeth.

Mouthguards and bite splints Bella Vista

To produce mouthguards and splints at Lexington Dental, we use an intraoral scanner instead of taking impressions. Not only is this more comfortable for you, but it also generates a more reliable result.

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