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What are dentures used for?

Dentures provide a removable option for replacing multiple missing teeth. They are a popular and cost-effective solution. While dentures have been around for ages, they have progressed significantly thanks to modern dental technologies. Dentures are, these days, a lot more comfortable and natural looking! They’re custom made to fit in with your natural teeth, complement your smile, and can be taken out whenever needed.

There are two types of dentures; partial and complete. Partial dentures are used to replace one or a few missing teeth. Complete dentures are used to replace entire rows of missing teeth on either your upper or lower jaw or both.

Upper partial denture retained by porcelain crowns.

Quality dentures Bella Vista

It’s important to choose a top quality dentist when having your dentures made. At Lexington Dental we use the best in latest technology when making and fitting your dentures. With top quality dentures, you can get years of wear out of them while enjoying a natural looking smile.

Not sure if dentures are right for you? During a consultation with one of our experienced dentists, you’ll undergo a full oral examination to determine your suitability and get all the information you need to make a confident decision.

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What are dentures
made of?

Dentures contain prosthetic teeth and the framework that clips onto your jaw. The framework is usually made from a combination of metal, acrylic and nylon. The exact combination of materials depends on whether you are getting partial or complete dentures.

The prosthetic teeth are usually made from either porcelain or resin. Both these materials offer a natural tooth looking appearance. Porcelain is said to have a more natural texture and is generally stronger in structure. However, it can be abrasive on nearby teeth so isn’t usually used for partial dentures.

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